About Quest Coffee Club

Quest Coffee Club was founded by Rory Reiff and Jared Price, two dudes who met in middle school in the 90's and have been friends since. When we aren't talking about Star Trek or our dreams of owning a Delorean, we're geeking out over coffee. Quest Coffee Club grew out of our shared passion for that magical beverage, and a desire to introduce others to the amazing aromas and flavors of artisanal coffee that we believe are best enjoyed when shared.

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Rory Reiff

Rory lives in Medellin, Colombia. Morning rituals include a cup of freshly ground coffee via an Aeropress, and walking his dog Zoe, aka "Cuchy".


Jared Price

Jared lives in Anderson, Indiana. Morning rituals include freshly roasted coffee via pour over, and perfecting his Hewey Lewis impersonation.


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Each month you receive
  • Whole-bean coffee (12oz)
  • Tasting notes
  • Story behind the coffee
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