About Colombia and It's Coffee


Sitting at the northwest tip of South America, Colombia is considered by many to be a very special place for coffee due primarily to three factors: Altitude, latitude and climate. But the story of Colombian coffee would be incomplete without also mentioning another key factor: the soil. Known for containing large amounts of volcanic ashes and organic material, the soil plays an important role in what makes Colombian coffee so special.

In terms of harvesting practices, Colombia also holds an advantage... Most major coffee producing countries harvest their coffee cherries using a process called strip picking, which essentially means pulling all the cherries off a branch at once, usually with the aid of a machine. The majority of coffee producers in Colombia however pick ripe cherry beans by hand, manually selecting only the most ripe cherry beans as they go along. It's a labor intensive process that lends credence to the idea that quality takes time (and patience).

Quest Coffee Club exists to highlight and increase awareness of the amazing flavors and aromas that come from Colombia's coffee regions. We take great pride and care in sourcing and roasting a unique coffee each month that helps to paint a story of just how special Colombian coffee can be. Care to join us on our quest?

Some interesting facts:

  • Colombia takes up only 0.8% of the planet’s terrestrial surface, but is the third most biodiverse country in the world (behind only Brazil and Indonesia).
  • Colombia exports over 11 million bags of coffee each year (third only to Brazil and Vietnam) to the United States, Germany, France and others.
  • Roughly 90% of the coffee produced in Colombia each year is exported to other countries.
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