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How it works

We seek out the month's coffee
Each month, we explore Colombia's most unique family farms until we find the perfect artisan bean.
Your coffee is expertly roasted
Your coffee is small-batch roasted in Indianapolis, IN to reveal each bean's unique flavor profile
We deliver fresh to your door
Your 12oz bag of whole-bean, Colombian coffee arrives at your door just a week after it's roasted.

What we are cupping

Here are a few of the coffees we have been testing in anticipation of selecting next month's coffee. ☕️ 🔬 👨‍🔬 


Cherry, Lemon, Dark Chocolate

This organic coffee is produced by a co-op of 80 farms (that cultivates 207 hectares of land collectively) located in the Tolima region.


Dried cherry, Almond, Milk chocolate

This balanced and creamy coffee comes from 41 smallholder farmers. The Bourbon and Caturra varieties combine to provide a subtle citrus flavor. This is a definite contender.


Plum, Lemon w/floral notes

This delicate but delicious coffee comes from a family farm that's been producing coffee since the 1960s. The subtle flavors had us delighted on this cupping.


Sugar cookies, Chocolate, Brown sugar

This microlot comes from La Argentina municipality of Huila. An excellent sweetness on this cupping had us coming back for more.


Our Schedule for March

We select the March coffee
Roast day
Your coffee arrives at your door

Why do we support artisan Colombian coffee?

Quest Coffee Club grew out of our passion for great coffee, our love of the Colombian coffee scene, and our desire to share the best of Colombia's artisan coffees with our friends back in the US. Now you too can join the adventure and enjoy the best-kept-secrets of Colombian coffee in your own home.