Our Approach to Roasting

Each coffee bean has a story to tell, and the roast process is the stage. We create roast profiles for each month's coffee based on meticulous test roasts, searching for the perfect profile to highlight the complex flavors and aromas of each bean. We roast in small batches of 25 pounds from light to city roast profiles. We always roast the day before shipment to ensure your coffee is at it's peak when you brew it.

Light to City Roast Profiles
The best range to roast a bean to present it's full flavor profile without being masked by the roast.
Small-batch Roasting
We roast 25lbs of green beans at a time in our Probat roaster to ensure a consistent roast profile.
Roasted Fresh
We roast each month's coffee the day before we ship, ensuring you can brew your coffee while at it's peak of flavors.

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Each month you receive
  • Whole-bean coffee (12oz)
  • Tasting notes
  • Story behind the coffee
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