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Explore Colombia and it's many regions as we surface some of the world's best coffees.

June 2018

El Cura Bogotano

Tasting notes of chocolate covered raisins, roasted almonds and dried cherry... all thanks to a priest in the 1700s.

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May 2018

Garzón Dorado

Garzón Dorado comes to us from the Garzón municipality of Colombia's Huila coffee region... it's a delicious offering.

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April 2018

Los Detalles

Los Detalles is a remarkable example of how climate and attention to detail can produce an extremely impressive cup of coffee.

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March 2018

Vereda Las Cochitas

Located in the high altitudes of Buesaco, Nariño, lies a very special coffee farm by the name of Vereda Las Cochitas...

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February 2018

Venga Le Digo!

With tasting notes of chocolate, toffee, lemon, cherry and peanuts, Venga Le Digo! is sweet and complex, just like it's all women farmers.

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January 2018

Próspero Año

This gem from the high altitudes of Huila reveals a tangy sweetness and smooth finish. Sure to energize even the most wearied traveler.

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December 2017

La Obra

This labor intensive and organic coffee is a true labor of love for it's Cauca region community of producers.

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November 2017

Alta Gracia

Hand picked in the steep hills of the Nariño region, this juicy and caramel bodied coffee is a perfect introduction to Colombian coffees.

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