Próspero Año




3,940 - 6,650 Feet

Tasting notes

Cherry, sweet sage, chocolate, vanilla, burnt sugar

Take a rest, traveler

Whether you are just beginning your quest or have journeyed alongside us these past few months, this coffee from the department of Huila is sure to energize even the most wearied traveler. Like the other southwestern departments of Nariño and Cauca we’ve seen thus far, Huila tends to have higher altitude farms which lends itself to more complex acidity and heightened floral notes in their coffees.

Próspero Año is our wish for you as we start out 2018, but also for the growing speciality coffee producers coming out of Huila. This region of Colombia represents 16% of the total coffee production in the country, and in the last few years the focus on higher quality speciality coffees has taken off. Through strategic importing practices, growers are being provided with more opportunity to bring higher quality coffees to market.

Próspero Año is one such coffee that consists of Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo beans. The fully washed processing of this bean reveals a tangy sweetness and smooth, creamy mouthfeel that left us impressed during our cupping sessions. We hope you enjoy this month’s coffee as much as we do. And we wish you a prosperous start to 2018!

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