Venga Le Digo!


El Tambo, Cauca


5,740 Feet

Tasting notes

Chocolate, toffee, lemon, cherry, peanut

Venga Le What?!?

“Venga Le Digo!” (roughly translated as “Come here I’ll tell you”) is a commonly heard phrase in Colombia. It’s used as a means to get someone’s attention, and as such is a perfect name for this month’s coffee.

Venga Le Digo! comes to us from the city of El Tambo, in the high elevations of the Cauca region. This coffee is the result of a small group of producers known as AMACA, consisting of 140 members, all women, who dedicate their lives to their coffee as the main means of support for themselves and their family.

The average size of each farm is small at 1 hectare (5,000 trees). With a focus on harvesting only ripe coffee cherries, depulping on the same day as harvest, and processing and drying all on their own farms, the passion and dedication that these women bring to their coffee is unparalleled.

During our tastings of Venga Le Digo! we noted a sweetness with tart citric acidity, smooth mouth feel, and tasting notes of chocolate, toffee and lemon. With some aftertastes of cherry and peanut, it was a no brainer to us why this coffee was the perfect choice to continue our journey through the coffee fields of Colombia. We hope you are as thrilled with it as we are.

In partnership with our importing partner, AMACA has received above value rates for it’s coffees as a means to support and advance the quality of life for their member's families. Shown above are a few of these tireless, inspirational women producers.

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