Vereda Las Cochitas


Buesaco, Nariño


6,400 Feet

Tasting notes

Sweet citrus, dried dates, dark cocao, lemon

Our journey continues...

When our journey began last November, we travelled through the Nariño department with our first coffee Alta Gracia. This month we are excited to revisit that region with another coffee that exemplifies the diversity in flavor profiles to be found even within a single region of Colombia.

Located in the high altitudes of Buesaco, Nariño, towards the Southwestern edge of Colombia, lies a very special coffee farm by the name of Vereda Las Cochitas. It's owner, Don Lopez, is a shining example of how the Colombian spirit of an individual coffee producer can pair with the distinct qualities of climate and region to produce a truly great bean. Through a direct trade buying program, we are able to ensure this producer will receive at least 50% over Fair Trade pricing. This program allows coffee producers to make premium prices in reward for coffee quality, and to reinvest those profits to improve quality even more in the future.

Vereda Las Cochitas surprised and delighted us upon cupping, and on follow on brewing sessions. The varietals are a combination of Caturra and Variedad Colombia and the processing is fully washed. We noted aromas of dry fruit and cedar, sweet syrup, dark berry and cocao. We found our brews to produce a very intense sweetness, with flavors of raw sugar, citrus, cocoa, and dried fruits. We look forward to hearing your brewing stories!

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