Los Detalles




5,250 - 6,530 Feet

Tasting notes

Citrus, sweet tea, lemon peel

It's all in the details

This month’s coffee comes to us from the idyllic town of Planadas. A bustling center of commerce that is only 50 years old, it’s high elevation, warm days and cool nights combine with young, healthy trees to create a potent combination for growing quality beans.

"Los Detalles" (The details) is the result of 168 families in Planadas that form the Asociación de Productores Egológicos de Planadas (ASOPEP). Founded in 2013, Its mission statement is: "To be known as an association that creates opportunities for the personal growth of its members, protects the environment, innovates in commercial business processes and is always in the vanguard of specialty coffee producers worldwide."

The 168 member families include 30 families where women are heads of the household and manage the farming operations. Their strict attention to detail in cultivation, harvesting and processing ensure a bright, sweet, clean cup that’s complex as well as consistent.

For us, “Los Detalles” is a remarkable example of how climate and attention to detail can produce an extremely impressive cup of coffee. Thanks for joining us this month... we can't wait to hear your brewing stories!

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