Garzón Dorado




5,480 - 6,400 Feet

Tasting notes

Meyer lemon, chocolate, cherry

A golden cup of coffee

This month’s coffee comes to us from the Garzón municipality of Colombia's Huila coffee region. It's the result of 36 different producers, all members of the Cooperativa Multiactiva de Cafeteros Garzón Dorado, a collective of coffee producers formed in 2011 that is now flourishing because of it's meticulous and impressive coffee growing practices.

Each of the 36 producers maintain relatively small farms at under 3.6 acres each. For this month's "Garzón Dorado", only ripe coffee cherries were picked during harvest. The beans were then fermented, washed and dried in both patios and drying silos. This dedication to craft became apparent once we started brewing this delicious offering.

During our cupping sessions with "Garzón Dorado" we noted a well rounded body, floral aromas with hints of sugar cane, and a nice citrus acidity that we have come to expect from most Colombian single origin coffees. Our tasting notes included meyer lemon, chocolate and cherry.

We are excited to bring this delicious coffee from the Huila region to your homes for the month of May. We hope you find it as enjoyable as we have with each and every sip. Once you give it a try, let us know what you think on Facebook, Instagram or via!

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