El Cura Bogotano




4,590 - 6,300 Ft

Tasting notes

Chocolate covered raisins, roasted almonds, dried cherry

Continuing the tradition...

According to local legend and literary sources, in the late 1700s a priest in the small city of Salazar de Las Palmas (in the northeast of Colombia in the Santander region) requested a unique penance of his parishioners: Instead of Hail Marys and Our Fathers, Father Francisco Romero requested of those seeking penance that they sow coffee plants in their lands.

As the legend continues, this same priest from Bogota became the first coffee exporter in the history of Colombia when in 1835 he shipped 2,592 bags of coffee to the bordering country of Venezuela.

This month's coffee, "El Cura Bogotano" (The priest from Bogota), is the result of 41 different family producers from Santander, continuing the tradition of Father Francisco Romero over 200 years later.

In our numerous cuppings of "El Cura Bogotano" we noted a very balanced coffee with low acidity and tasting notes of chocolate covered raisins, roasted almonds, and dried cherry. Kudos, Father Romero.

We're thrilled to bring the results of this Santander legend to your coffee cups for the month of June. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Please let us know what you think on Facebook, Instagram or via hello@questcoffeeclub.com!

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